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About the Circle the Square Line of products

As a painter I was often asked if I could turn a work into fabric, rugs or wallpaper. While I have sold rights to reproduce pieces as large murals, I was never really interested in the idea of printing at all.  Until…I was going to be without a studio while we build, for a year or more (we will see). I started by selling images of my paintings printed on items, just like every other artist, through one of the many companies that offers printing and fulfillment. For reasons I won’t get into, that didn’t work for me…

I decided I wanted to do things differently. While I judge not an artist who uses those companies, the artists hand is not given enough value. I know that the printing, staff, logistics etc. are expensive but the literal highest percentage you can find is about 10% goes to the artist and that is one of the good ones. I don’t know but you have to market like a mad man and be an “influencer” (sorry I use quotes because I cannot stand that term) to make enough to live on. And to sell through these places, how do you start to stand out among the thousands of designers.

I realize that I am very lucky, privileged etc. to do what I decided to do. I got on YouTube, bought a sewing machine and learned how to sew. I started carving and printing and reproducing my work on fabrics with .. I started small and have plans to grow slowly and organically. Soon, I will be adding a line of hand printed designs as well. Right now, I am taking the new business to the next level and looking for stores to carry my brand, Circle the Square.

You can see all available items on sale at

 Currently you can find my line at:

           Railroad Station Antiques, Huntsville, AL

           Manor 909, El Paso TX


If anyone knows of a store that might like to carry my work outside of Huntsville, please refer them to my website or Instagram, or let me know and I will contact them.

process driven:

I am a painter. I am a printer. I am applying my same process to the design of my fabrics that I do with my paintings. Each design comes from either an actual painting I have done, or a hand carved block designed to change the way we see. “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” -Edgar Degas


eye popping design:

I am fascinated with things that change the way or what we see, the things that change before our eyes, that look a certain way one time and different another, things that will never look exactly the same to two different people. These serve as a metaphor for life.


fabulous fabrics:

Each hand designed fabric is printed on quality fabrics then sent to me where I personally hand make every item. I hope to expand soon to have more sewers. I try to carry a few of each item in stock to fill orders quickly. Given time I can fill large orders, and hire help to fulfill time constraints. aA new line of hand printed fabrics is in the works.


You can special order any out-of-stock items, and I'm happy to discuss customization for your store.

please call amber brookman @ +1 415 328 7242

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